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Welcome to Psykhe Behavioural Design, the behavioural design agency inspired by the Goddess of the Soul. As a behavioural designer, strategist, and consumer psychologist, I believe that understanding the human psyche is essential for achieving your outcomes. Together, we'll achieve your goals and create a better world.

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Creating change through impactful behavioural strategies and knowledge sharing.


Social change

Our behavior is one of the biggest causes of societal issues, and for that reason, I believe that the solution also lies within it. For instance: how do we create a more sustainable world? How do we ensure that people make sensible financial choices?

Sharing knowledge

Through knowledge sharing, we collectively advance the field.

About me

Since childhood, I've been fascinated by human behaviour. Now, I leverage my understanding of behaviour to drive social change, empower brands, and share knowledge to strengthen the field of behavioural science.

Behaviour is omnipresent, and grasping the reasons behind our actions holds value across all disciplines. My strength lies in connecting diverse ideas, theories, and fields, enabling me to devise creative and innovative solutions.


2017 - 2018

MSc Economic and Consumer Psychology

Leiden University

The Economic and Consumer Psychology Master's course at Leiden University delves into the intricate relationship between psychology and economics in consumer behaviour. Students explore decision-making, motivation, and persuasion, applying psychological insights to marketing and policy. This program cultivates critical thinking, research skills, and prepares graduates for roles in market research, behavioural economics, and marketing management.

2014 - 2017

BSc Psychology

Erasmus University

The Bachelor's program in Psychology at Erasmus University delves deep into the human mind and behaviour. Students explore various domains such as cognition, emotions, and social interactions. They develop insight into psychological theories and research methods, which prepares them to understand and analyze human behaviour.

The program promotes critical thinking and practical skills, enabling students to apply psychological concepts in various contexts. In addition to research, they gain valuable insights into human behaviour, which are relevant in diverse fields.

2018 - 2023


  • Introduction to Social Innovation, University of Cape Town (2023).

  • Quantitative Research, University of California (2023).

  • Data Fundamentals, Growth Tribe (2023).

  • Design Thinking for Innovation, University of Virginia (2021).

  • Digital Transformation, University of Virginia (2021).

  • Google Ads, Google (2018).

  • Google Analytics, Google (2018).

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